What is ACH and what do you do?

ACH School Stores is a proud provider of uniform and spiritwear apparel for K-12 schools. Founded in Baltimore City, we are an appoved vendor for Baltimore City Public Schools. We make uniform shopping fast, convenient, affordable and fun, offering profit sharing fundraising opportunities for each school.

 How can we get a uniform store for our school?

ACH School Stores will create and design a uniform store for your school. Step #1,  schedule a meeting. During this meeting, we will discuss your school's uniform policy, colors, logo, and designs

Can we add the uniform store to our school's website?

Yes. After the store is complete, you can add a link on your website that would go directly to the store. 

What is a virtual uniform store?

A  virtual uniform store is an online platform where parents and guardians can purchase school uniforms and have them delivered to their home. Uniforms and spiritwear items are offered in the store.

Why should we get a virtual uniform store?

There are 3 immediate benefits your school will receive by getting a virtual uniform store: 1. Affordability. Our stores comes with a feature called "Shop Now, Pay Later". This option allows parents to choose to either pay for their student uniforms in full (now) or in 4 interest free installments (later), making the purchase of school uniforms very affordable for families particulary those who have multiple school aged children in one household. 2. Convenience. If you have an existing website, you can link your uniform store to that site. This will draw parents to the school's website making it convenient for them to purchase uniforms and a great way to increase online parent engagement. 3. Profit Sharing- ACH School Stores will donate 20% of the profits from your store back to the school (once your school has reach the $100 minimum threshold). With profit sharing, you could use your online uniform store as an on-going fundraiser all throughout the year. 

Will the uniform colors in our virtual store be specific to our school?


What information do you need from us to create a uniform store?

We would need your school uniform colors (tops and bottoms) and any designs you are currently using.

Are there any setup cost?

No. We create, design and manage the virtual store at no cost. 

How do you suggest we advertise our new store?

After your store has been created, we will send you a link. Once received, you can add this link to your website, social media pages, Class Dojo, or any other digital platform your school is currently using.

What other services do you handle?

We handle product fulfillment, payments, shipping and customer service.

Can my school receive a precentage of the proceeds from our store?

Yes. 20% of the profits from the school's uniform store will be donated to the school.